New tests in neurology

By | يونيو 10, 2014

New tests in neurology

We are proud in the �First Medical Lab� to launch our �Neurology Testing Center� to be the first in the middle east specialized in  testing different neurological diseases that affect our population. These tests will help the clinician in the diagnosis of different types of neuropathies, muscle diseases, dementia, blindness and deafness

Test List
Muscle biopsy and histochemical stains for all muscle enzymes
Muscle biopsy for electron microscopy
Nerve biopsy for axons and myelin stains
Nerve biopsy for electron microscopy

Acute peripheral neuropathy
Heparan Sulfate autoantibody

Chronic peripheral neuropathy
Anti-MAG, anti-Myelin-
Anti-ganglioside antibody-
GM1       GM2       GM3       GD1a     GD1b     GT1b      GQ1b
GALOP autoantibody-
(Charcot Merit (most common form  CMTA1: 80%
PMP22 duplication deletion test
:Autosomal dominant Charcot Merit evaluation-
PMP22 Dup/Del;PMP22 DNA sequencing TEST, MPZ and EGR2 DNA sequencing Test
:Multifocal Neuropathy Evaluation-
GM1 and PMP22 Duplication/Deletion Test
Myelin Protein Zero DNA Sequencing Test-
:Cont/ Neurology Test Lists
Sensory/Motor neuropathy profile
GALOP, anti-ganglioside GM-1, Hu, MAG, and Sulfatide antibody

Congenital blindness
Norrie Disease DNA test

(ApoE (blood or buccal smear-

EPM1 DNA test-

Hearing loss
Connexin26 DNA sequencing Test

:Mental Retardation
Chromosome analysis-
Fragile X chromosome-
Motor Neuron disease
Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (SOD1) DNA test-
Spinal Muscular atrophy (SMA) (including (Werdig-Hoffman disease; Kugelberg-Welander  Disease )  DNA test-
:Movement disorders
(Ataxia profile (without Friedreich�s Ataxia  test-
SCA1. SCA2. SCA3 (MJD), SCA7, SCA8 DNA Tests
Ataxia profile with Friedreich�s Ataxia  test-
SCA1. SCA2. SCA3 (MJD), SCA7, SCA8, Friereich�s Ataxia  test DNA Tests
 Friedreich�s Ataxia  DNA test-
Multiple sclerosis IFN antibody test-