Alkaline phosphatase (ALP), total

By | يونيو 5, 2014

:Normal range

 (Adult: 100-290 u/l       (1.67-4.84 mkat/L

 (Child : 180-1200 u/l     (3.0-20.04 mkat/L

Comment: Increasedduring bone metabolism: puberty, healing of afracture, primary and secondary hyperparathyrodisim, osteomalacia and juvenile rickets. Also increased primarily in liver and bone disease and metastatic carcinoma in bone. It is also released from the intestines and placenta. For more specific differentiation, the measurement of isoenzymes is needed. Hepatotoxic drugs may influence result positively. Decreased in hypothyroidism, scurvy, gross anemia, kwashiorkor, achondrolasia, cretinism, depsion of radioactive materials in bone, vitamin B12 deficiency (pernicious anemia) and multi- nutritional deficiency of zinc or magnesium

Sample: Serum