Alkaline phosphatase isoenzyme

By | يونيو 5, 2014

:Normal range

Total alkaline phosphatase: up to 290 u/l

Liver fraction: up to160 u/l

Bone fraction: up to 150

Intestine fraction: up to 5 u/l

Comment: Alkaline phosphatase is released into the circulation from a variety of tissue primarily liver, bone, intestine and placenta. Each has varying properties of heat stability


Bone isoenzymes is increased in osteoblastic activity (& growth), and decreased in osteopenia due to genetic hypophatasemia, cretin hypothyroidism, chronic nutritional deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency and pernicious anemia


Liver isoenzyme (Fraction I) is increased in hepatic congestion, Vasculitis, pregnancy, and (Fraction II) in parenchymal cell damage


Intestinal isoenzyme is increased in intestinal disease and in some individuals with blood type “O” or “B”, and particularly after meals


Placental fraction appears in maternal serum in 3rd trimester


Regan isoenzymes frequently detected in neoplastic disease

Sample: Serum