Alpha 1 Anti trypsin

By | يونيو 5, 2014

Normal range

(M: 78-138 mg/dl            (0.78-1.38 g/L

(F : 79-188 mg/dl            (0.79-1.88 g/L

Comment: Alpha- Antitrypsin is the major prostate (trypsin, chymotrypsin, elastase) inhibitor in human serum

Deficiency of this genetically determined protease inhibitor causes emphysema, cirrhosis of liver disease of pancreas. Also decreased in nephritic syndrome, acute hepatitis and acute pancreatitis. Confirmation (by PCR) of genetic inheritance by phenotyping the patient and often members of the family is recommended Increased in acute and chronic inflammatory disorders, SLE, malignancies, pregnancy and steroid therapy

Immunochemical assay of AAT alone cannot differentiate between the acute phase response and effects due to hormones such as estrogens. Levels of at least one other acute phase reactant, such as C-reactive proteins or haptoglobulin should be assayed on the same sample

Sample: Serum