Anti-GAD and Diabetes

By | يونيو 11, 2014

Antibodies against glutamic acid decarboxylase (anti-GAD) is very important test for the detection of type I diabetes mellitus or laten autoimmune diabetes in adult (i.e. slow or laten type I diabetes). Its detection in patients developing diabetes is very important as it is the �most important factor for prediction of insulin therapy within 3 years in young adult diabetic patients not classified as type I diabetes on clinical ground

Anti-GAD are associated with 70% in Type I diabetes patient and in 60% of �slow or laten type I diabetes�. It can be present with anti-insulin antibodies and / or anti-insulin antibodies. It can be the only antibody present in �slow onset diabetes type I �and can be the only predictor that these patient are going to be insulin dependent in the future

Performing anti- GAD in all diabetic patients is very important predictor to those that may require insulin therapy in the future

Material required: 2 cc of serum


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Dr. Hussam Abu-Farsakh

American Board of Anatomic & Clinical Pathology, and Cytopathology

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