Anti-ganglioside antibodies

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Antibodies against ganglioside are found in various types of peripheral neuropathy. These include Guillain-Barrie’ syndrome, Miller Fisher syndrome (a variant of Guillain-Barrie’ with descending neuropathy). Also seen in Motor neuron disease and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy

:Test profile

:The following antibodies are examined

GM1  : Monosialoganglioside GM1

GM2  : Monosialoganglioside GM2

GM3  : Monosialoganglioside GM3

GD1a: Disialoganglioside GD1a

GD1b: Disialoganglioside GD1b

GT1b: Trisialoganglioside GT1b

GQ1b: Tetrasialoganglioside GQ1b


:Clinical significance


Motor neuron disease associated with GM1, up to 70% of cases


Guillain-Barrie’ syndrome associated with GM1 in up to 30% of cases, and with less frequency to GM3, GD1a, GD1b, GT1b and GQ1b


Sensory neuropathy associated with GD1b


Miller Fisher syndrome (a variant of Guillain-Barrie’ with descending neuropathy) associated with GQ1b in 90% of the cases

Material required: Serum*


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