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Auto-antibody against neurological organs are associated with different diseases. Their recognition is essential in their diagnosis

:Anti-Hu, Anti-Ri,Anti-Yo

Para-neoplastic syndrome: Neurological disorders secondary to malignancy can manifest in patients long time before their malignancy is discovered. Patients can manifest with Cerebellar ataxia, encephalomyelitis , myoclonus, or sensory neuropathy. Detection of neuronal antibody : Anti-Yo (antibody against Cerebellar Purkinje cells) , Anti-Hu, Anti-Ri (against neuron nuclei ) are strongly associated with this syndrome


Stiff man syndrome: is a syndrome of diffuse hypertonia of the muscles due to loss of inhibitory spinal interneurons associated with anti-GAD antibodies (Glutamic Acid decarboxylase). GAD are receptors in the cerebellum and other neurological organs

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis can also be associated with anti-GAD

Cerebellar degeneration outside the context of para-neoplastic syndrome is associated with anti-GAD

:Anti-Myelin Antibody

Multiple sclerosis: Antibodies against myelin: can be associated with multiple sclerosis


(Guillain Barre syndrome : is associated with myelin-associated glycoprotein (anti-MAG

These tests are performed at the First Medical Laboratory from serum of affected patients


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