(CD4/CD8 ratio in bronchioalveolar lavage (by immunohistochemistry

By | يونيو 11, 2014

Introduction: Lymphocytosis in BAL specimen can be seen in variety of interstitial lung diseases, and can give indication of the causative of interstitial lung infiltrate. Further, indication of the cause of the disease can be sorted out by performing the CD4/CD8 ratio

:Clinical use

:Diseases this test is of clinical relevance

(Increased CD4/CD8 ratio: Sarcoidosis( a ratio of > 3.5, is specific for sarcoidosis in 93%

Decreased CD4/CD 8 ratio: Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (usually < 0.5) , collagen vascular disease and drug induced lung disease

Normal CD4/CD8 ratio : Tuberculosis, lymphangiosis carcinomatosis

This test now can be performed in our lab on the bronchial lavage specimen by immunohistochemistry

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