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(Mycobacterium tuberculosis (by PCR

Epstein Barr EA Ab Please find our infectious diseases panel that is present in our lab. The ones in bold are new tests. Please contact our lab for any inquiries
Mycoplasma pneumoniae Ab Epstein Barr Nuclear antigen Ab  
Mycoplasma hemolyticum Ab Epstein Barr Virus Capsid Ab  
Parainnfluenza virus 1-4 A                                  Filaria, Blood smear  
Respiratory syncytial virus Ab Giardia lamblia Antigen Adenovirus antigen
Respiratory syncytial virus Ag Helicobacter Ab Adenovrius by PCR
Rotavirus Ag in stool Hemophilus influenza Ab            Adenovirus Ab
Rubella Ab Hepatitis A Total Ab     Ascaris Ab
Schistosoma Ab�s Hepatitis B core Ab IgM Aspergillous IgG, IgM
Spirochetes immunostaining Hepatitis B e Ab Bilahrazia Ab
Strongyloides Ab�s Hepatitis B e Ag Bordetella parapertussis Ab
Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) Hepatitis B surface Ab Bordetella pertussis Ab
Toxocara canis IgG Hepatitis B surface Ag Borrelia afzelii Ab
(Toxoplasma (IgG/ IgM Hepatitis B Virus (by PCR (Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto (CH
Toxoplasma immunostaining Hepatitis C Ab Borrelia garinii Ab        
Trepenoma Pallidum Hepatitis C Virus genotyping Brucella abortus, melitensis Ab
Trypanosoma cruzi IgG (Hepatitis Delta (HDV Brucella Abs IgG, IgM
Tuberculosis IgG, IgM Hepatitis E, Ab Candida Albicans Ab
Tuberculosis in fluid(patho-TB) (Hepatits C Virus (by PCR Chlamydia pneumonia Ag
Uroplasma ureylticum Ab Herpes simplex (1 &II), IgG,M (by PCR and by Direct IF)
(Varicella Zoster (G/M Herpes simplex glycoprotein by western blot Chlamydia pneumoniae Ab
VDRL                        Herpes simplex immunostaining CMV buffy coat        
West Nile Valley (Flavivirus) IgM HIV 1-2           Ab CMV IgG, IgM
Yersinia entercolitica O:3,6,9 HIV-1-RNA by PCR Compylobacter coli Ab
  Human papilloma virus immunostaining Compylobacter jejuni Ab
  Human papilloma virus PCR genotypes 6,11,16,18,31,31b,33, 5 3,56,58,59,61 Coxsackie virus A Ab  
  Influenza A virus , Ab Coxsackie virus B1-6, Ab
  Influenza B virus, Ab Cryptococcus antigen           
  Klebsiella pneumonia, Ab            (Cryptosporidium Antigen (stool
  Legionella pneumonia serotypes Ab Dengue virus
We are committed in First medical lab to bring the best of laboratories test to clinical practice in Jordan. Legionella pneumonia antigen in urine and BAL            Echinococcus Ab
  Leptospira IgG Echo virus type                        
Dr Hussam Abu-Farsakh Leshmania Ab Entamba Histolystica Ab�s