Newly described entities in Gastrointestinal pathology

By | يونيو 9, 2014

:Vertical lines of the esophageal mucosa

This entity is mostly recognized in pediatric age group and adolescents and less in adult. It is due to fibrosis of the submucosa with secondary tethered lined in the mucosa. Esophageal mucosa show infiltration by esinophils. It is considered part of allergic esophagitis

:Refractory sprue

This case although is known, the histologic features and the immunohistochemical features are more defined. In theses cases, patients have subcryptal expansion, increased myofibroblasts and increased collagen deposition in the basement membrane. A very helpful feature is markedly decreased CD 8 positive lymphocytes in the intraepithelial surface layer

:Early autoimmune gastritis AIG

Histologic changes has been defined not to miss early changes in AIG. These include lymphocytic destruction of oxyntic glands, intestinal metaplasia, parietal cells pseudohypertrophy, ECL cell hyperplasia

:(Gastropathy in pediatric age group secondary to Gastro-Esophageal Reflux (GER

This is a newly recognized association between the GER and gastritis. It is described in pediatric age group. These patients have no H.Pylori or features of autoimmune gastritis or any other causes of gastritis. When GER is treated, the gastric changes return to normal. Recognizing this entity will decrease the cost and time of investigation and leads proper management of the patients


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